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RPG Blog Alliance FAQ

What is the RPG Blog Alliance?

The RPGBA is collection of Pencil and Paper Role Playing Game related websites that opt-in to be aggreated. Member benefit from having a relationship to each other and by having a unifed place for people to look for RPG material. The RPGBA does not include the entire source material but rather includes the first 100 words and links back to the original source. In this way members get traffic to their respective sites while still getting the benefit of belonging to the Alliance.

Can I Join This Network?

Sure you Just have to meet the requirements.

What are the requirements?

The Website in question is owned by you. The Website needs to have an RSS or Atom Feed. This Feed can not be the RSS from Micro-Blog system such as Twitter. The Website needs to be related to Pencil and Paper Role Playing Games in some way. The RPGBA has the right to refuse any site that we feel does not meet these requirements or which the Adminstrators think is bad taste or does not fit with the general concept of the RPGBA.

Do you accept Podcasts or Videocast Sites?

Yes, we do accept those sites as long as they are related to Pencil and Paper Role Playing Games in some way.

Who owns the content that is published?

You own your content. The only thing you allow us to do is pull your feed, merge it with other feeds and spit it back out. As a matter of fact, You can even control which posts are displayed by using the Hide features under “My Profile” for each post.

You pull too much of my post, can you pull less?

By Default, we pull the first 100 words of your post. If you want us to pull less, we can. Under “My Profile”, you can select from 25 to 300 words, in 25 word increments.

Do you have a mailing list?

Yes, we do have a mailing list. If your a member, you can click the subscribe button under “My Profile”. If you are not a member you can go to and join.

I'd like to start an RPG Blog but don't know how, any ideas?

Your in luck, we are starting to put that information in our wiki

Why when sites first join they show three new posts?

We do this to help promote the new site.

It doesn't seem like the posts are displayed in pubished date order, why is that?

This is an excellent question and has to do with how we gather the posts. Not all RSS have correct and valid Publication Dates. I know that may be a little shocking but it is true. So what when we gather the posts, we use the date and time that we gathered it as a sort of publication date. The Software makes sure that the post does not exisit in our database yet and if it doesn't, it inserts the records.

Some of my posts don't show up, why is that?

Each time we poll member websites, we only look at the last three posts. It may be those posts not showing up could have been older than those three. It is also possible that you have marked those posts hidden. Please check you user profile.

Why do I have a this weird monster for my image next to my post?

To generate the image shown next to your post, we first look at if you have a image listed under your profile for the 80×80 image. If you don't we then use gravatar to try to pull your gravatar image. If you don't have an image for gravatar, we use the MonsterID feature of gravatar to generate a unique monster based of the hash of your email address. That's why no two people have the same monster. They may look a little alike but they are not the same.

How do I get my listed in the random site list?

It is quite simple, you simply have to supply a URL in your profile for the sidebar image.

Can I get the Random Sites for my website?

Actually, you can. It's actually a simple JavaScript snippet. The only thing it supplies is the five random images with links. You will have to provide the title and other formating for your site. Here is the code for you to add.

<script src="">

Why don't you use Word Press or other off the shelf software package for this site?

To be blunt, the RSS aggregation plugins for WP are just plain horrible. From others that have used the various plugins, they tend to have huge memory issues and are just plain slow. Plus most of the plugins and other possible packages we looked at didn't do it the way we wanted it done.

What software is this written in?

Like WP, we use PHP and MySQL.

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